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Mental Health Management Hub for companies

Where Every Task in Mental Health Finds a Home: Compliance, Employee-Retention & Wellbeing through our unique combined App-Coaching.
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Young woman in a white shirt and blue jacket, smiling and using the mentalport mental health app on her smartphone. Her screen is displayed on the right: "Let's work on your health at work". She is working on mental health risk assessment measures. The app is part of the company's health management system.
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Psychosocial Risk Assessment digitally & anonymously
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Retention through insights, load management & coachings
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Revolutionary coaching app for wellbeing and performance
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Receive Your Mental Health Management Checklist

Your One-Page Guide for Mental Health Management & Legal Compliance
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mentalport saves you time and money

Of all employees suffer from non-clinical mental health issues. While there are no tools for individual load management.
*according to a representative mentalport study; Bolton & Bhugra 2020 & health report 2022
Of employees have quitted quietly while Mental Health Management became substantial for employee-retention.
*according to Reintjes, D. (2022): Cost of shortage of specialists; Stepstone Study
€ 9000
Is lost by a German company per employee and year due to mental health issues & compliance cost in general
*combined according to Haufe Verlag & Deloitte mental health report 2022
Here's how we help

Mental Health as pleasure

Screenshot of the health measures within the mentalport app according to the psychosocial risk assessment. In the front a screenshot of a mentalport survey for the psychosocial risk assessment.


Carrying out the Psycholosocial Risk Assessment (§§5,6 ArbSchG) digitally & anonymously in a web platform - 15x faster 90% more cost-effective.

We redeem you from implementing required health measures by implementing them directly into our app including continuous control & highest efficacy.

Coming Soon: Mental Health Management

Web-App for managers: for direct accessing the mobile app & psycho-social risk assessment. In addition, reporting & analyses for employee retention as well as individual stress management & more.
A screenshot of the mentalport web app for HR managers zo apply mental health management to stremghten employee retention.
In the back there is a screenshot of the homepage of the mentalport app while in the front we see another screenshot with the to dos for today.

Mobile App

Revolutionary Coaching-App for employees for day2day-support: 100% Al individualization, everyday suitability & anonymity-by-design.

Healthier Employees, healthier employee retention

Maximales Wohlbefinden und Mitarbeiterbindung durch das Mental Health Coaching. | Maximum well-being and employee loyalty through mental health coaching.
Personalized Coaching
Empower your employees with individualized support, enhancing their well-being and performance
Mentalport mental health Methode: Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement, Compliance und Mitarbeiterbindung. | Mentalport mental health method: occupational health management, compliance and employee retention.
Future-Ready Solution
Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge app, paving the way for the future of workplace mental health support
Volle Rechtssicherheit und Gesetzeskonformität durch die Arbeitsschutzsoftware von mentalport. | Full legal certainty and compliance with the law thanks to mentalport's occupational health and safety software.
Streamlined Compliance
Effortlessly meet legal requirements (§5,6 ArbSchG) with our digital solution.
Positives Arbeitsumfeld durch das Mental Health Management von mentalport. | Positive working environment through mental health management by mentalport.
Positive Work Environment
Cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment by prioritizing mental health
Kostenrevolution durch das Mental Health Management von mentalport. | Cost revolution through mental health management from mentalport.
Cost-Effective Solution
Eliminate the high costs & efforts associated with traditional assessments through our digital approach
Volle Anonymität bei mentalport. | Full anonymity at mentalport.
Confidential & Anonymous
Respect employee privacy with our platform
PROCESS: How we work

Mental health from one source

Our innovative solution alleviates the complexity of mental health - because we take care of all the tasks:

We enable legally compliant mental health risk assessments and integrate occupational health measures in combination with employee wellbeing into the mentalport app. In this way, we deliver outstanding results without any effort for our customers.
Drei Personen besprechen die Integration von mentalport für betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement und mentale Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz. | Three people discuss the integration of mentalport for occupational health management and mental health in the workplace.
Step 1: Digital & anonymous Risk Assessment

After a preliminary discussion, we adapt the psychosocial risk assessment to your company and take over the communication to the employees. The assessment is carried out digitally and with anonymous access. With maximum effectiveness, employees need to spend less than 20 minutes in total.

Step 2: Analysis & app use

Analysis of results and derivation of measures, which are integrated in the mentalport app, as well as GDA-compliant documentation. If necessary, we jointly implement employer-related measures. We communicate the results transparently and enable employees to access the mentalport app with equally anonymous access.

Hand einer Person, die auf ihrem Smartphone die mentalport mental health App nutzt für mentale Gesundheit und betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement. | Hand of a person using the mentalport mental health app on their smartphone for mental health and occupational health management.
Eine Person tippt auf einem Laptop und absolviert die psychische Gefährdungsbeurteilung mit mentalport. | One person types on a laptop and completes the mental risk assessment with mentalport.
Step 3: Mental Health Management & Employee Retention

Individual stress management of employees in the app, regular effectiveness reviews & repeat surveys for adjustment. Comprehensive reporting & analysis functions in the web platform as well as bookable individual services.

Step 4: After 12 months

Mentalport subscription renewal: You and your employees will love our Mental Health Management. We want to ensure ongoing support and maintain the positive impact on your workforce.

Zwei Personen an einem Schreibtisch die Mental Health Management mit mentalport betreiben zur Steigerung des Wohlbefindens und für betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement. | Two people at a desk practicing mental health management with mentalport to increase well-being and for occupational health management.

Secure Mental
Health Solution

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes.
Say hello to a streamlined, cost-effective approach.
Join us in revolutionizing your workplace today.
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Screenshot of the upper half of a smartphone showing the homepage of the mentalport-app.

Case studies

Person einen Turm baut, erfreut über die Mitarbeiterbindung durch mentalport. | person builds a tower, is pleased about employee loyalty through mentalport.

mentalport: Employee value at arconsis

arconsis IT-Solutions is a pioneer in the IT sector and attaches great importance to the satisfaction and well-being of its employees.

To further strengthen this commitment, arconsis decided to work with mentalport. Together, they went through a comprehensive risk assessment of mental stress and integrated the innovative mentalport app into their working environment.the result of this partnership? A noticeable improvement in employee engagement and increased loyalty to the company.

By proactively promoting mental health, stress and strain were reduced, resulting in a more productive and happier workforce. arconsis proves that employee wellbeing is a top priority and that investing in mental health can have a positive impact on the entire organization.
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Personen besprechen die mentalport Integration für mentale Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz. | People discuss mentalport integration for mental health in the workplace.

Visual Abstract: Employee well-being promoted by Mentalport

Visual Abstract, a visual communications company, recognized the challenges of modern work life that were negatively impacting the mental health of their employees. In their quest to ensure the well-being of their workforce, they turned to mentalport. After a thorough risk assessment of mental stress, the mentalport app was distributed to the team with anonymous access. Occupational health and safety measures were integrated into it. The results?

A noticeable increase in the well-being and satisfaction of their employees. The proactive support provided by the app helped reduce stress and build resilience, resulting in a healthier and more productive workforce. Visual Abstract shows that promoting mental health can be a major factor in business success.
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Eine Frau nutzt mentalport zur Steigerung ihrer Leistungsfähigkeit am Arbeitsplatz. | A woman uses mentalport to increase her performance at work.

Istari.AI: Teamwork & Personality Development with Mentalport

Istari.AI UG, an emerging artificial intelligence company, was looking for ways to strengthen teamwork and drive personal development for their employees. The solution? Partnering with mentalport. Together, they conducted a comprehensive mental stress risk assessment and the team integrated the mentalport app into their private routines.The result was a harmonious and engaged team that continuously works on their personal and professional development. The app enables employees to monitor and proactively improve their mental health, resulting in a positive impact for the entire company. Istari.AI shows that investing in mental health can be the key to unlocking employees' full potential and increasing the company's success.
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What do partners say about us?

The topic of mental health costs so much money, time and is insanely complex to implement properly by yourself. Mentalport saves us a lot of problems and several thousand euros per employee.
COO VA Visual Abstract GmbH
Stars | Sterne
“As an HR manager, I can't believe how much time and effort the app saved us in maintaining mental stress assessments. “
Alex Ramirez
HR Manager
Stars | Sterne
“This app has become an indispensable tool in enhancing our company's overall health culture.”
Michael Chen
Employee Relations Manager
Stars | Sterne
“Mentalport has simplified our compliance tasks and transformed our approach to mental health support.”
Sophia Anderson
HR Director
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Mental health management with mentalport

Improve compliance and employee retention & health with one solution.

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